What can I buy from the Colon Orchards Market?

We are proud to offer a huge variety of fresh produce. A lot of it is grown right here on our farm in Cañon City. But unfortunately our climate isn't the perfect place for all produce. That's why we travel all over the state to source the most delicious specialties from all over Colorado. 

Here at Colon Orchards we grow peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and more. We get peaches from Palisade, watermelon and cantaloupe from Rocky Ford, beans from Adobe Milling and sweet corn from Avondale and Olathe. We also carry onions, potatoes and a variety of other goodies from different farms. 

All of our fresh, jarred and packaged goodies come from Colorado. We are proud of this great state, and are honored to support other farmers doing what they love growing quality, delicious produce.  


Farm Fresh Produce Is Waiting For you

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