Where is Colon Orchards located?

Colon Orchards is a family-owned and operated farm located at 3175 Grandview Avenue in Cañon City, Colorado. We have been a staple in this community since 1937. We are not exclusive to only residents of Fremont County. We often have visitors from all over Colorado and even other parts of the country!

Is Colon Orchards open year round?

We strive to be available to Cañon City and the surrounding areas year round. We are open until Christmas Eve, to help make sure you have access to our market for any holiday needs or gift items. 

After Christmas Eve, any visits to Colon Orchards will be by appointment only. During this time, you can call us, make an appointment and come into the market to check out our jarred items, meat and dry goods. We also sell hay and straw while supplies last. 

When does your pumpkin patch and corn maze open?

Fall is one of the busiest and most exciting times at Colon Orchards. We open our pumpkin patch and corn maze in September and continue to operate it throughout the month of October. During October, we can also accommodate field trips for kids of all ages!

How can I schedule a field trip at Colon Orchards?

Field trips at Colon Orchards are always something to look forward to. We only accommodate field trips on the farm in October, but you can check in with us to schedule earlier to make sure you get your spot.

The Colon Orchards family is always excited to have people come in for field trips. We get to help educate more people about supporting local businesses and locally grown produce in general. Kids and adults of all ages are welcome. We guarantee everyone will learn something new.

To schedule your field trip, contact us here at the market and we will get you set up.

What can I buy from the Colon Orchards Market?

We are proud to offer a huge variety of fresh produce. A lot of it is grown right here on our farm in Cañon City. But unfortunately our climate isn't the perfect place for all produce. That's why we travel all over the state to source the most delicious specialties from all over Colorado. 

Here at Colon Orchards we grow peppers, zucchini, pumpkins, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs and more. We get peaches from Palisade, watermelon and cantaloupe from Rocky Ford, beans from Adobe Milling and sweet corn from Avondale and Olathe. We also carry onions, potatoes and a variety of other goodies from different farms. 

All of our fresh, jarred and packaged goodies come from Colorado. We are proud of this great state, and are honored to support other farmers doing what they love growing quality, delicious produce.  


What should I wear during my visit to Colon Orchards?

If you are coming for a field trip or day on the farm and pumpkin patch, it's best to wear close-toes shoes and pants, just in case you end up walking through corn stalks or tall grass. We are a working farm, after all!

Do I need to book my visit to Colon Orchards?

If you want to visit Colon Orchards for a field trip, this will need to be arranged in advance. But if you are just coming to pick up some goodies from our farm stand market there's no need to call and book your visit. Just stop by and grab what you need! After Christmas Eve, however, visits to our market are by appointment only. 

Do field trips to Colon Orchards include a pumpkin for each child?

Yes! Each child who comes along on one of our fun farm field trips during the month of October will leave with the pumpkin of their choice! We love seeing their faces light up when they leave the farm with a pumpkin in hand. 

What forms of payment does Colon Orchards accept?

We are happy to accept all major credit cards with a minimum purchase of 10 dollars. Of course, cash is also always welcome.

What kind of herbs do you sell at the Colon Orchards Market?

During the summer, we usually have a variety of fresh herbs for sale in our market.  Basil, dill, parsley, rosemary and sage are typically in stock when they are in season. Dill is one of our most popular herbs and goes quickly. People love to use it to pickle veggies from their own gardens, or to pickle some of our produce. 

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